In juxtaposition to my large monochrome works, this side of my practice explores the desensitisation of people’s views towards images of the male nude through new social spheres in the digital age. In particular, how male identity is expressed with narcissistic tendencies through male genitalia. As they have been obtained from the social media dating platform Tinder, they are very easy to access and I wanted the level of detail in the painting to reflect this. Some care has been taken in different parts of the paintings, mostly the tip of the penis, but they largely remain slightly scruffy, reflecting how the original images came to me. The stitching together of these individual paintings to create a type of patchwork quilt further devalues the male nude. The idea that something considered to be so explicit could be used for something that is usually reserved for children or the elderly is somewhat amusing to me, as they’re just dicks. 

A big part of this side project is where I sourced my material and that simply wasn’t coming through in the original dick quilt. Therefore I decided to see what I could do to make sure that they communicated that they were from Tinder, Hence the dicks on phone series. Not only is it clear that they have come from phone-based communication, but it shows how readily accessible dick pictures are, and also talks about the levels of unsolicited dick pictures that women receive on social media, despite the fact that I outright asked for mine. One particular contributor described it as being “Narcissism of generation where self-gratification is achieved through social platforms”. 

The canvases are purposely not stretched. This intentionally removes the history, function and potency of the images as well as detaching them from traditional, classic paintings.

Click here to see a sample of the conversations I had on tinder to obtain the dick pics.